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Seasonal Activitites

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  • Culinary
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  • Artsy

    • Discover Minnesota's Hidden-Gem Museums
      Discover Minnesota's Hidden-Gem Museums

      Minnesota is full of incredible, hidden-in-plain-sight museums. You just need to know where to look.

      Go Exploring
    • Celebrate the Life of Prince
      Celebrate the Life of Prince

      Admired by music critics and beloved by millions around the world, Prince was born, grew up and decided to stay in Minnesota for most of his 57 years.

      Trace Prince's Footsteps
    • Take a Learning Vacation
      Take a Learning Vacation

      From night sky photography courses to weekend weaving workshops, learning vacations make Minnesota your classroom.

      Hone Your Craft
    • Explore Minnesota's Performing Arts Scene
      Explore Minnesota's Performing Arts Scene

      While New York is synonymous with Broadway, and California is home to Hollywood, Minnesota has earned its rightful place among these theatrical heavyweights.

      See a show
  • Culinary

    • Meet Minnesota's Most Iconic Meal
      Meet Minnesota's Most Iconic Meal

      Take a cheeseburger, but instead of putting the cheese on top, stuff it inside the patty. The result is called a Juicy Lucy, and it's one food you have to try during your Minnesota vacation.

      Take a Bite
    • Explore These Twin Cities Food Halls
      Explore These Twin Cities Food Halls

      The national food hall phenomenon has arrived in Minneapolis-St. Paul with a vengeance, coming in a wide variety of inventive iterations to attract the masses.

      Taste the Flavors
    • Hot Drinks for Winter Weather
      Hot Drinks for Winter Weather

      After hitting the slopes, riding the trails or attending an outdoor festival in Minnesota this winter, sipping something warm will taste twice as delicious.

      Take a Sip
    • Cozy Minnesota Restaurants
      Cozy Minnesota Restaurants

      Thanks to their warm hospitality, comforting food and lack of pretense, these charmingly cozy kitchens are ideal for a winter meal with someone important in your life.

      Get Cozy
  • Family

    • Spring Break Staycations for All Ages
      Spring Break Staycations for All Ages

      Spring break is just around the corner. The kids will be home from school. Do you have plans to keep them busy?

      Take a Break
    • Minnesota Sledding & Snow Tubing Hills
      Minnesota Sledding & Snow Tubing Hills

      There’s something magical about riding down a hill on a sled or tube, and opportunities to ride sleds and tubes down snowy hills can be found in all regions of the state.

      Hit the hills
    • Glide onto These Great Ice Skating Rinks
      Glide onto These Great Ice Skating Rinks

      Whether you want to practice your Flying V or polish your toe pick, Minnesota’s outdoor ice skating rinks are the perfect surface for winter fun.

      Lace up your skates
    • Seek Out These Kid-Friendly Attractions
      Seek Out These Kid-Friendly Attractions

      Minnesota is raising the bar on its well-earned reputation for family- and kid-friendly activities. Several best-in-class attractions have recently joined an already impressive roster of family-oriented facilities.

      Go Exploring
  • Outdoorsy

    • Go Fat Biking in an Abandoned Mine
      Go Fat Biking in an Abandoned Mine

      Cuyuna's now-dormant iron mines closed for good back in 1984, but over the past 10 years, something unexpected happened. Something magical. The mines were reborn as mountain bike trails, and they're open all winter long.

      Hit the Trail
    • Get Hooked on Minnesota Ice Fishing
      Get Hooked on Minnesota Ice Fishing

      Stay at a nice resort, eat a delicious breakfast, take heated ice transportation to your fish house. When you arrive, the fish house is on fish, the thermostat is set at 70 degrees, and the holes are drilled and cleaned. You’re ready to fish.

      Get Hooked
    • Ice Climbing in Minnesota
      Ice Climbing in Minnesota

      Although ice climbing may seem like an extreme sport, climbers describe the activity as meditative and deliberate. Begin your ascent by attending one of Minnesota's annual ice climbing festivals.

      Climb a Waterfall
    • Explore Minnesota Slopes
      Explore Minnesota Slopes

      Minnesota’s slopes offer affordable adventure close to home for Midwestern skiers and snowboarders, including several destination downhill resorts featuring some of the biggest hills in the Midwest.

      Hit the slopes
  • Events

    • 48 Essential Minnesota Events
      48 Essential Minnesota Events

      Whether you're into art, animals or ice fishing, you're sure to find an event worth traveling for this year in Minnesota.

      Take a Trip
    • 2019 NCAA Final Four
      2019 NCAA Final Four

      It’s still anyone’s guess which teams will make it to the 2019 NCAA Final Four, but one thing’s for sure: This year's college hoops champion will be crowned in Minnesota.

      Ready your bracket
    • St. Patrick's Day Celebrations
      St. Patrick's Day Celebrations

      You don't have to be Irish to get in on the fun of St. Patrick's Day. Parades, parties, races and concerts are held throughout the state, so put on your best green attire and celebrate the Irish way.

      Go Green
    • Soar with the Eagles
      Soar with the Eagles

      Celebrate bald eagle migration every weekend in March, with special programs and events, flying bird and wildlife programs and much more at the National Eagle Center in Wabasha.

      Spread your wings
    • Bentleyville Tour of Lights
      Bentleyville Tour of Lights

      Each winter, the Bentleyville Tour of Lights transforms the Bayfront Festival Park in Duluth into an illuminated winter wonderland with colorful displays and holiday music.

      Walk through Christmas Town

More Reasons to

  • Seek the Perfect Minnesota Slopes

    Minnesota may be known for its lakes and prairies, but we lay claim to over a dozen downhill skiing destinations, too. Including a bona fide mountain range.

    Read more
  • Dog Sledding the Boundary Waters

    Winter transforms the Boundary Waters into a forested cathedral of ice, snow and silence, offering a wilderness experience like no other. Bring a beautiful, hard-working team of Canadian Inuit dogs into the mix, and you have the adventure of a lifetime.

    Say Mush
  • Warm Up at a Local Coffee Shop

    In Minnesota, a local coffee shop is never far away, whether it's on a small town main street or in a big city neighborhood. Grab a good book or a good friend and feel like a regular at any of these cafes around the state.

    Take a Sip
  • 7 Snow-Filled Minnesota Adventures

    From skiing to snowmobiling and urban adventures, options for snowy recreation are practically endless in Minnesota. So, take advantage of nature’s gift to the north. The snow will be gone before you know it.

    Embrace the Snow
  • #OnlyinMN Monument

    We're proud to say it's never been easier to find your next #OnlyinMN destination. Literally.

    Find the monument
  • Ice Climbing in Minnesota

    Although ice climbing may seem like an extreme sport, climbers describe the activity as meditative and deliberate. Begin your ascent by attending one of Minnesota's annual ice climbing festivals.

    Climb a Waterfall
  • Head North for Winter Fun

    In Minnesota, where the winter sun sets early and the trees are bare, the fun doesn’t move indoors. Instead, we pull on our snow pants, or in some cases, strip down to our swimsuits: It’s polar plunge time!

    Head North
  • Winter is Hygge Season in Minnesota

    Though no direct translation exists, hygge (pronounced HEEW-guh) encompasses the coziness, comradery and contentment that have long been tenants of winter in Minnesota.

    Get Cozy
  • Snowmobiling in Minnesota

    Snowmobilers have seemingly limitless opportunity in Minnesota, where more than 22,000 miles of snowmobile trails crisscross the state.

    Read More
  • Sleep in a Tugboat, Treehouse & More Unique Accommodations

    For many travelers, a hotel is much more than a place to sleep. For those seeking a truly unique experience, these lodging properties throughout Minnesota offer sleeping quarters, history and other quirks that can’t be found anywhere else.

    Snooze in style

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